Why support AALFI

It would be easy to point to this current historical moment as the quintessential reason to support the African American Legacy Fund of Indianapolis.

Further, the fact that our present time cries out for such support is self-evident.
However, rather than make the easy appeal, we choose instead to highlight the fact that – even during “good” times – Black people remain mired in generational poverty, encumbered by systemic racism (institutional and individual), and burdened with poor educational outcomes.

Even during “good” times, there is an expansive income gap (not to mention wealth gap) which, along with inexcusable discrimination in the criminal justice system, conspire to limit our life chances.

Finally, housing discrimination(of which environmental racism is a major component) amounts to a life sentence of poverty for far too many of our children.

We could bombard you with statistics or try to manipulate your emotions with heart-rending pictures.
While we don’t condemn that approach, we assume that you already know the data – or you have personal experiences that make the citing of statistics unnecessary and even boring.

The fact that you are taking the time to meet with us indicates that you are at least somewhat familiar with the plight of the “average” Black person in Indianapolis. You are meeting with us because you are aware of all the disparities. (Perhaps your personal journey gave you a “front seat” to them.)

Thus, the only question is whether you will join the diverse set of supporters who have decided that AALFI is a strong advocate for racial and economic justice through philanthropy. This brings us to our final point.

Philanthropy means “love of humanity”. For us, philanthropy should be differentiated from “charity”.

Philanthropy is all about making personal sacrifices to ensure that your fellow human beings receive what they need to be able to help them create a better life for themselves and their loved ones. Philanthropy is about consciously – and conscientiously deciding to have a little less for yourself so that others can have a little more.