Wealth Preservation RFP

Wealth Preservation RFP

The African American Legacy Fund of Indianapolis is a collective philanthropic initiative working to improve life-affirming outcomes for African Americans in our community. One of our initiatives includes the AALFI Giving Circle which seeks to fund initiatives that preserve wealth or create wealth in the African American community. This year we are committing $100,000 toward wealth creation or wealth preservation as outlined in the attached RFP.

These programs concepts came out of deliberations from the AALFI membership and in consultation with the Howard University Center on Race and Wealth.

We are seeking a Black-led community-based organization that can effectively implement one of the proposed programs in the RFP.

We invite you to apply for the African American Legacy Fund of Indianapolis Wealth Creation/Wealth Preservation RFP. We recorded and informational session and are providing a recording and password here:https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/26KbshSv_TOxLXxpTC-LCzCgIkMoBpD_DVKfn2tVHGn06a1tIIA3o_afeDCOpgmO.aT6mRcVuUySbn53b

Passcode: Eju37C^l

We’ve attached the updated RFP below. Please note the Oct 15th at noon date for Statement of Qualifications submittal. We are asking that any additional questions you may have be submitted before August 31st in writing to projectmanager@blackonyxmanagement.com so that we can prepare responses by Sept 2nd.